Mr. John P. exchanged his investment units into a larger property. Not only did he double his cash flow but acquired newer and better units. In addition, he saved himself a $130,000 capital gains tax! The whole process worked out perfectly in all aspects for the investor!
My LLC acquired 24 2-bedroom apartments at a price of $159,000 per unit. After completing the conversion, the units sold at an average of $327,000 representing an increase in value of over 200%. The cash on cash return on my investment was an even more incredible 236%!
The existing lease for the company was terminating in 57 days! Pacific Investment Properties was contacted and immediately performed a location search. Within one week a location was selected, the lease terms were negotiated and all of the tenant improvements began. The company was extremely pleased with the entire process and was able to move-in 9 days before their lease expired!
An investor owning 2 properties, a total of 33 units, agreed to allow Pacific Investment Properties to market the building and then look to exchange into a larger single property. The 2 properties were offered for sale through Pacific Investment Properties and within 9 days of each other, were under contract with qualified buyers. Each escrow closed as scheduled. An upleg property had already been selected (54 units) resulting in greater cash flow which closed within 48 days.
Through the numerous private clients represented by Pacific Investment Properties, both owners as well as investors seeking well located and properly priced properties have been able to enter into agreements, thereby avoiding the typical marketing procedures. Pacific Investment Properties maintains an extensive "off market" inventory of properties that is not published and is reserved for qualified investors seeking financial opportunities.
Mr. J.G. had been investing in the stock market and was not receiving the returns he had hoped for. After consulting with Pacific Investment Properties and their knowledgeable staff, he decided to liquidate a major portion of his portfolio and invest in residential income property. Not only was he extremely pleased with the return he received, he went on to acquire an additional property through them again one year later.

Success Stories